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About Us

It was a bright, sun shinning, California day - It happened to be the week we were moving from California to Boston. We drove around saying our goodbyes, that weren't goodbyes, but more - promise to see you soon's.

Our last stop was filled with tears - but through the tears one of our family friends brought out a little dog - nested in their sweatshirt - to brighten the mood. The little face of this baby dog - captured my heart and we fell fast in love. He needed a forever home and instantly found one in my heart.

Fast forward 11 years, insert Covid 19...Vito and I were sitting on the back porch thinking of ways to bring happiness to the world - that needs it so much - in the most simple way! In that moment Vito & I was born. It is our way of infusing love, care, laughter and happiness, through the designs that are truly US!  We are so proud of where we have come and where we are going. It is with all of you that we embark on this great journey of life! Thank you - Wear with joy, share & tag us. Cheers, Vito & I xox